Enjoy the meaty taste of #notMeat

A healthy, eco-friendly alternative
with the taste of real meat.
Our range
#notMeat - is our range of cutlets, pelmeni, nuggets, and mince. These are created using our principle of “tasting meat, not eating it”

You will be surprised how much our products taste like real chicken and beef

#notMeat is good for your health and saves animals too!*

We care about your health and the preservation of animal life! Therefore, we produce a product that will allow you to eat a healthy, balanced diet, live an active lifestyle, and still enjoy the taste of meat without harming animals.

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“Meat without meat”
#notMeat takes care of your health!*
  • Does not contain cholesterol
  • Does not contain animal fat
  • Is ideal during lent
  • Is ideal for vegetarians

Our products

#notMeat Chicken-free Cutlet

Our chicken flavored #notMeat Cutlet. So delicious you will savor every bite.

ВкусВилл pack

#notMeat Beef-free Cutlet

Our delicious, meatless cutlet with the taste of beef. Spiced to perfection, our #notMeat Beef flavor Cutlet is a healthy alternative to meat.

ВкусВилл pack

#notMeat Kebab

The first vegetable lula-kebab in the country. Perfect for cooking over charcoal and will be the main feature of any party. It is impossible to stop.

#notMeat Beef-free Pelmeni

Our irresistible, meat-free dumplings with a tasty, beef flavored filling. Loved by adults, children, vegans, and meat-eaters.

#notMeat Nuggets

Incredibly delicious and crunchy. Try it and see for yourself!


#notMeat Ingredients


Why you should buy #notMeat?

Enjoy the traditional taste of meat while improving your health and preserving nature.

What is #notMeat made of?

The base of #notMeat is consists of soybean textured protein. It also contains wheat fiber, onions, oil, natural spices, and natural food coloring.

How to cook #notMeat?

Our frozen, pre-prepared products (Cutlets, Pelmeni, and Nuggets) can be prepared on the stove, in a microwave, or in the steamer.

Is #notMeat suitable for vegans?

Yes, It Is. #notMeat does not contain any products of animal origin.

Does #notMeat contain egg white?

No, It does not.

Does #notMeat contain GMOs or flavor enhancers?

Our products are all natural and do not contain any artificial additives. There are also no hormones or antibiotics in our products.

Where to buy?



Kostroma, 9 Meliorativnaya st.